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Employment/Labor Law

Wood Balmforth has built its practice around its very successful employment and labor counseling and litigation practice. Our attorneys work closely with supervisors, managers, human resource professionals and senior executives to teach and train all levels within a company what can and can’t be done or said in the workplace.

We provide a wide range of preventative counseling, such as review and revision of employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and employment contracts. We also provide training and education regarding the ever-changing employment and labor law landscape.

When disputes arise, Wood Balmforth has extensive experience with the litigation process. We have successfully represented our clients in all areas of employment law, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour charges, workers compensation and unemployment matters, and civil rights and disability cases. Our goal is to resolve employment cases at the motion to dismiss or summary judgment stages, and we have had great success doing so. However, when a matter goes to trial, we have experienced trial lawyers who know how to try these cases. And we do try them!

For more information about Wood Balmforth’s employment and labor law and litigation practice, please contact:
Mary Anne Q. Wood at mawood@woodbalmforth.com or (801) 366-6062
Kathryn Balmforth at kobalmforth@woodbalmforth.com or (801) 366-6071