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Appellate Practice

Wood Balmforth has successfully briefed and argued appeals in many different federal courts of appeal, as well as Utah’s courts of appeal and its Supreme Court. Our attorneys know the ropes of appellate practice, and are dedicated to excellent brief-writing and persuasive oral argument.

The firm’s attorneys are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, many federal courts of appeal, and before all courts in many states and the District of Columbia. We, of course, represent our own clients on appeal, but we are also often asked to step in and handle the appeal where the client was represented by other counsel at trial. Sometimes, when the results at trial were not the best, a new set of legal eyes can be the difference in reversing a bad result.

Wood Balmforth’s support staff is experienced in the intricacies of appellate practice, and provides timely and expert assistance to our attorneys when “crunch time” comes and briefs have to be filed.
For more information about Wood Balmforth’s appellate practice, please contact:
Kathryn O. Balmforth at kobalmforth@woodbalmforth.com or (801) 366-6071.